• The mission of Stillpoint Holistic Studio is to provide holistic pain relief by serving the highest good of the client. We believe in providing comprehensive care with integrity, compassion, and honoring the body’s infinite wisdom.

  • Visceral Manipulation Therapy consists of an innovative set of techniques that relieve stress on the ligaments and connective tissues that are interconnected with the internal organs in order to aid their functioning. Such techniques have long been part of Chinese and Tibetan traditional medicine. They were introduced into the Western medical repertoire in the 1970s,… [Continue Reading]

    Visceral Manipulation
  • The lymphatic system is part of the circulatory system, and also plays a big part in the immune system. Doing its job as an adjunct of the circulatory system, it consists of lymphatic vessels which recycle blood plasma back to the heart as lymph fluid. Lymph fluid is recycled blood plasma. Lymph is a clear fluid which… [Continue Reading]

    Lymphatic System
  • The Central Nervous System (CNS) can be thought of as the “Boss”. It controls all the other systems in the body, such as the respiratory system, digestive system, endocrine, and so on.  Think of these other systems as the “employees”. If the “Boss” isn’t happy, then the “employees” won’t be happy, i.e. if there is a blockage… [Continue Reading]

    Craniosacral System